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Steel Punching and Lifting Equipment > TMC 300 - Magnet base unit

TMC 300 - Magnet base unit

Key Facts TMC 300 as Magnet Base:

  • Up to 300 kg lifting force, even on a steel plate of only 6 mm thickness
  • Ergonomic and easy one-hand activation
  • M5 and M6 tapped holes on the top as well as on the sides enable an easy attachment of handling accessories like cutting guides, angle side plates, handles and much more
  • Ideal workload easement, f. e. for plate levelling, platform building, fixturing and workholding of all types
  • The specially arrested magnet field (patented) allows welding with distance as close as 15 mm to the magnet-outside
  • Hardened steel base with TiN coating for a long lifetime at simultaneously low airgap – avoids damages of the lower surface
  • Incredible shear force holding power a. o. for a better grip in vertical applications

Technical data TMC 300:

  • Weight: Only 1 kg
  • Tear-off force: 300 kg (at a 6 mm thick steel sheet S 235)
  • Length: 82.5 mm, Width: 80 mm, Height: 32.5 mm
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