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Steel Punching and Lifting Equipment > ALFRA Hydraulic Foot Operated Puncher

ALFRA Hydraulic Foot Operated Puncher

ALFRA hydraulic puncher - AEP-1 with foot pump

  • Max. operating pressure 700 bar.
  • Built-in pressure control valve.
  • For all round, square, rectangular and special-shape punchers.
  • The foot pump leaves both hands free for exact positioning and punching on a switchgear cabinet. The foot pump carrier frame is spread. Safe standing, stability against tilting is therefore guaranteed.

Tank volume 270 cm3
Useful oil volume 210 cm3
Pump capacity 1.7 cm3 per piston stroke

1 Hydraulic cylinder with quick-action clutch
1 Hydraulic hose 2.8 m
1 Hydraulic screw Ø 19.0 and 19.0 x 9.5 mm
1 Set of distance bushes (5 pieces)
1 Pre-drill Ø 11.0 mm
without punches and dies

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