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Steel Punching and Lifting Equipment > ALFRA Battery Packed Compact Hydraulic Punch

ALFRA Battery Packed Compact Hydraulic Punch

Practical handling with high performance rechargeable battery of 18 V for round, square and rectangular punches for builders of control cabinets, panels and electrical system.

Extremely manageable and light, due to high guaranteeing tensile strength aluminium head.

  • Light and handy, only 3.7 kg incl. the rechargeable battery.
  • With pressure control valve.
  • High performance motor with ergonomic form designed hand grip „Softtouch”
  • The high performance rechargeable batteries can be inserted in two ways so you can obtain a weight counterbalance.


Punch pressure 75 kN, with pressure control valve

Rechargeable battery
18 V, 3.0 Ah NiMH
Battery charge 45 min. after complete discharge
Charge cycles ~ 500 under normal circumstances
Working temperature 0° to +40°C, Capacity loss below 0°C

Universal battery charger
Charging all batteries 18 to 28 V, for Li-Ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd Batteries. Automatic temperature control. The change from quick-charge to trickle charge avoids overcharging of the rechargeable batteries. Charge of battery indicated by LED indicator PCB completely encapsulated.

3.7 kg with rechargeable battery.
2.7 kg without rechargeable battery.
7.8 kg complete set in transport case, without cutting tools.

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