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Steel Punching and Lifting Equipment > ALFRA AP-800 Punching Press

ALFRA AP-800 Punching Press

Outreach 800 mm
The stationary punching machine has been developed for control cabinet and switchgear manufacturers, for quick punching of round, square, rectangular or special forms in sheets and control cabinet doors up to 2200 mmx 1000 mm and 40 mm folding height. Punching is possible up to the edge area. Easily executable tool exchange, quickly in a matter of seconds even with a mounted door. Stop system movable in X and Y-direction.


  • Stable pressing body in robust, deformation-rigid welding construction mounted on stationary frame with rubber-bonded metal feet.
  • Swivel control desk with digital display, emergency off button, electric operating buttons and two-hand operation.
  • Double-acting hydraulic cylinder, flanged on machine body via force and positive connection.
  • Non-rotationally arranged piston rod Ø 63 mm, made of hardened and tempered stainless steel with tool holder.
  • Die seat, frictionally connected with the pressing body.
  • Time relay for the return of the piston spares working time.
  • Down-holder/stripper combination with finger protection.
  • X-Y stop system, easily movable in robust and precise profile roller guides.
  • Positive and frictional workpiece support and clamping device.
  • Swivelling workpiece support on the left of pressing body for easy lifting of the workpiece.
  • Stop system locking via electrically operated hydraulic brakes.
  • Digital distance measurement and display of the X- and Y-traverse paths with a display accuracy of 0.1 mm and a measuring accuracy of 1 ‰.
  • Quick tool exchange helps in case of problems with many through-hole variants.
  • Two-circuit hydraulic unit with electric pump, oil container and magnetic valves, very quiet.
  • Tip: Using laser pointer as option for optical indication of tool centre.

Technical Data:
Outreach with stop: 800 mm
Punching stroke: 72 mm
Punching force F: 135 kN at 190 bar
Motor power: 1.5 kW
Operating voltage: 400 V
Weight approx: 850 kg
Overall height: 1.700 mm
Working height: 1.000 mm
Width of punching head: 280 mm
Depth of punching body: 1.700 mm
Space needed approx: 2360 x 4.440 mm

Stop system:
Length of the stop rail: 2.500 mm
Traverse path of X-axis: 2.000 mm
Workpiece clamping length X-axis: 2.200 mm
Y-axis: 1030 mm
Upon desire, stop rail available in special length.
Punching capacity:
Round from Ø 3.2 -120.0 mm
Square up to 110.0 x 110.0 mm
Special forms up to a
Max. diagonal of 140.0 mm

Material thickness:
Steel sheets F = 370 N/mm2 up to 3.0 mm
Stainless sheets F = 600 N/mm2 up to 2.0 mm
Aluminium F = 22 up to 4.0 mm
Plastics can be punched up to 4.0 mm

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