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Steel Punching and Lifting Equipment > ALFRA AP-400 Punching Press

ALFRA AP-400 Punching Press

For quick punching out of round, square, rectangular or special forms without pilot drilling in control cabinet doors, terminal boxes, cable ducts, housings, cable guiding plates etc. up to the edge area. Easily executable tool exchange, in a matter of seconds.


  • Flexibly applicable – on movable frame.
  • Quick tool exchange helps in case of problems with many through-hole variants.
  • Different die holders are available – also for punching in an extreme boundary area.
  • Punching in rows is not a problem by means of attachable folding stops.
  • Tip: Laser pointer used as option – no scribing, no centre punching, a simple cross-hair with a pen is enough.
  • As a „starting solution” even actuation by means of a manual pump is sufficient – so that punching without pilot drilling” is cost-effectively possible.

Technical Data:
Outreach with stop: 400 mm
Outreach without stop: 430 mm
Punching stroke: 50 mm
Punching force F: 46 kN at 600 bar
Hydraulic connection: R 1/4“
Weight: 220 kg
Space needed with frame approx: 1200 x 800 mm

Punching capacity:
Round from Ø 3.2 -40.5 mm
Square up to 28.0 x 28.0 mm
Rectangle up to 22.0 x 30.0 mm
Special forms up to a
max. diagonal of 40.0 mm

Material thickness:
Steel sheets F = 370 N/mm2 up to 2.5 mm
stainless sheets F = 600 N/mm2 up to 2.0 mm
Aluminium F = 22 up to 4.0 mm
Plastics can be punched up to 4.0 mm

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