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Hand Tools > ALFRA Hydraulic Cable Cutter - AKS 85

ALFRA Hydraulic Cable Cutter - AKS 85

Ideal for cutting cables up to Ø 85 mm


  • Guided cutting knife.
  • Independently applicable in every position.
  • Clean cuts with minimum deformation.
  • The cable cutter AKS 85 can be operated with the electrohydraulic pump or with the foot pump.

Application areas:
Energy companies, power distributor construction, communication technology, telecommunications, municipal works and their service providers, crane construction, mining, shipbuilding, maintenance or repair etc.

Technical Data:
Cutting force: 55 kN
Cutting pressure: 700 bar
Weight: 6.3 kg
Length: 450 mm

Cutting power:
Telephone cable: up to Ø 85 mm
Electric cable with armour: up to Ø 85 mm
Insulated aluminium cable: 3 x 240 mm2
(Earthing cable)
Insulated aluminium cable: 630 mm2
(Single conductor)
Aluminium rope: up to Ø 46 mm
Copper rope: up to Ø 28 mm

Please name us your exact cable type (fine wire, solid, insulated...) - then we can check the cutting power.

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