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Din Rail Cutting Equipment > ALFRA Universal Cutting & Punching Equipment

ALFRA Universal Cutting & Punching Equipment

For DIN carrier rails, for hand lever operation for cutting pieces to length and punching the depicted carrier rails longitudinally and transversely.

  • With reinforced eccentric that lies directly over the shearing blade
  • Less use of force due to better force transfer
  • Burr-free cutting without loss
  • Maintenance free
  • With 1000 mm length stop limit and rail-support-element for accurate angular cuttings
  • Resharpening of shearing blade, exchangeable punch
  • Special fabrications are also possible (Please send in sample rails of approx. 1000 mm length

This Din Rail Cutting equipment can cut sections in various sizes: (35 x 7.5mm - 35 x 15mm – 32mm Grail – 15 x 5.5mm – 3 x 10mm Earth Rail)
The toll can also punch: 5.5 - 6.0mm round holes and 12 x 6.4mm Elongated holes


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