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Busbar Equipment > ALFRA Busbar Bending & Punching Machine - LPV

ALFRA Busbar Bending & Punching Machine - LPV

For copper and aluminium bars • Made in Germany by ALFRA

Busbar bending up to 120 x 12 mm
Busbar punching Ø 6.6 up to 21.5 mm

The machine comprises a main frame made of a box aluminium profile with the receptacle for basic body. For bending and punching there are corresponding adjustable height supports with rollers which can be exchanged easily. For the adjustment of hole pattern a length stop is provided besides the adjustable height. To facilitate working with longer copper rails, one can extend the retractable frames with support bracket to approx. 700 mm. All stops and support brackets can be fixed very quickly and easily by means of clamping levers.

Technical Data:

Bending Cu max: 120 x 12 mm
Bending angle up to: over 90°
Smallest length of leg: 50 mm
Smallest U-bending: 100 mm
Smallest Z-bending: 72 mm (material thickness dependent)
The specified values are based on a Cu rail 120 x 10 mm

Punching Cu: Ø 6.6 -21.5 mm
also long hole up to max. L = 21 mm
Material thickness Cu max: 12 mm
Material width up to: 110 mm centric
Dimension L x W x H: 615 x 370 x 315 mm
Weight: 44 kg

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