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Alfra Busbar

Alfra bus bar machines and tools come in 7 different systems

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Busbar Equipment > ALFRA Busbar Bending & Punching - BS 160 Combi

ALFRA Busbar Bending & Punching - BS 160 Combi

Busbar Bending up to 160 x 12 mm
Busbar Punching Ø 6,6 - 21,5 mm

  • This device comprises of a base frame made of a special aluminium and a hydraulic cylinder up to 600 bar.
  • By means of a bending die R=11 mm and R=5 mm and a height adjustment, all busbars up to max. 160 mm can be bent different angles.
  • The angle allocation is engraved at the upper part.
  • The conversion from bending to punching is simple and easy.

Technical Data:

Bending Cu max.: 160 x 12 mm
Bending angle up to: 92°
Smallest Length of leg: 50 mm inside dimension
Smallest U-bending: 160 mm inside dimension
Smallest Z-bending: 55 mm (material thickness dependent)

Punching Cu max.: Ø 6,6 - 21,5 mm
also oblong hole up to max. L = 21 mm
Material thickness Cu max.: 12 mm
Material width up to: 160 mm centric
Dimension L x W x H: 390 x 150 x 330 mm
Weight: 20 kg

Recommended mode of pump
Electro-hydraulic pump AHP 03-1 Prod.-No. 03853
ALH 600 Prod.-No. 03190
Air-hydraulic pump LHP 700 Prod.-No. 02140

Budget-priced version:
Foot hydraulic pump AEP-1 Prod.-No. 02121

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