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Alfra Busbar

Alfra bus bar machines and tools come in 7 different systems

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Busbar Equipment > ALFRA Busbar Bending and Punching System - Set 2

ALFRA Busbar Bending and Punching System - Set 2

For Busbars 120 x 12 mm • Made in Germany by ALFRA

With a universal working cylinder, busbars 120 x 12 mm (160 x 10 mm upon request) can be easily bent and by simple insertion of punches, holes of Ø 6.6 up to 21.5 mm and oblong holes can be punched.

Complete Set 2
Prod. no.: 03200 Basic machine with safety protective cover and control cable
Prod. no.: 03201 Electrical angle reader R10 with connection cable.
Prod. no.: 03202 Bending Die R10
Prod. no.: 03203 Length stop with fine adjustment
Prod. no.: 03853 Electro-Hydraulic Pump AHP 03-1

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